It takes less than an hour to integrating the SDK in your app and serve interstitial ads (Sushi) at points that you determine. With a some more work, you can also serve in-stream ads (Sashimi) that are fully integrated with your app look and feel, and maximize contextual relevance and revenue.

The Monetization features are comprised of the following:

  • Interstitial ads
    • A full-screen ad unit for smartphones & tablets, we call it Sushi.
  • In-stream ads
    • An in-stream ad unit which allows you to deeply integrate our ads in your application's design, we call it Sashimi. We provide templates for this ad unit, but you can create your own custom formats (note: custom ad units will be reviewed by our team).

Ads can be integrated in apps developed with:

  • Java
  • C/C++ with the Android NDK
  • Unity
  • Adobe AIR

The following development environments are supported:

  • Eclipse
  • ANT (command line build)
  • Unity
  • FlashBuilder (for AIR)

For Unity and Adobe AIR integration, please consult the relevant, seperate documentation.