How can I get my App ID?

You can get your App Id In the iTunes URL of your app. For instance if we take the Appstatics app, the iTunes URL is:

Notice the numerical number in the URL 533547308, it's the App Id.

What is a SDK token?

The SDK token is a unique alphanumerical string given to you after creating an app on the Appsfire Dashboard.
This key will allow you to connect to our API via the SDK client.

How much does the Appsfire iOS SDK add to my application size?

The latest version of the SDK weighs less than 15MB. But this isn't the size which will be added to your archive when submitted to iTunes.
Based on several tests, it should adds between 1 and 2MB depending of the size of your application.
The bigger your app is, the less the Appsfire iOS SDK will have an impact on the final size.

Submit an app with Appsfire iOS SDK

Please check this dedicated section if you have any doubt when you submit your application with our iOS SDK.

We advise you to explicitly tell Apple you are using Appsfire iOS SDK in your application, and to provide the link to this documentation page.