Submit an app with Appsfire iOS SDK

Please check this dedicated section if you have any doubt when you submit your application with our iOS SDK.

We advise you to explicitly tell Apple you are using Appsfire iOS SDK in your application, and to provide the link to this documentation page.

How many times a day can the "modal ad" be displayed?

We implemented a sophisticated capping system in order to optimize advertising performance. For example, the "modal ad" can be displayed several times a day, but not necessarily two consecutive times within a few minutes.

However, to help you implement and test the library in your application, the "debug" mode won't be affected by this capping system.

What happens if a modal ad is being displayed and app goes to background?

We dismiss the ad and the eventual in-app overlay that were displayed. That way the user won't be stuck in an ambiguous state.

Can I stop the ads server-side?

In case you would like to stop presenting ads without sending another build to Apple, you have a checkbox in your Dashboard, App Settings page of your app, which allows you to do so!

Mediation & In-App Purchase Ad Removal Prompt

Because the In-App Purchase Ad Removal Prompt feature is tightly coupled to the Appsfire SDK mechanisms, it is important to disable it when using mediation. Not doing so can result in hazardous display of the Ad Removal Prompt and can negatively impact the user experience of your apps.

Mediation & Cross Promotion

When using the Appsfire Cross Promotion feature in combination to the MoPub/AdMob mediations it is possible to observe impressions and clicks discrepancies. This is due to the fact that Cross Promotion events are not counted into the Appsfire Monetization graphs while numbers observed on the MoPub/Admob graphs are reporting all the events (Cross Promoation and non Cross Promotion).