Here is a checklist to help you find an eventual problem you could encounter while implementing the Monetization feature in your application.

Before contacting us, please check each point so we can help you more quickly in your debugging process.

If you have problems with the

  1. Is the library correctly initialized?
  2. Still a problem?

1. Is the library correctly initialized?

Before anything, the library needs to initialize itself. Most of the time it’ll be done in the first two seconds. But here’s how to check if the process was successful:

if ([AppsfireSDK isInitialized]) {

    NSLog(@"SDK is initialized");


It’s best to observe the notification kAFSDKIsInitialized which will let you know when the library initialized:

Why the library isn't initialized?

  • The process isn’t finished.
  • You haven’t set a SDK token (in basic SDK requirements).
  • The device isn’t connected to the Internet.

2. Still a problem?

Don’t hesitate to contact us (see the Support section), we’ll do our best to help you.