Appsfire in-stream ads are available in three different modes:

  1. The template mode: we provide beautiful ready-to-use templates which allows you to integrate Appsfire ads in no time. Template mode.
  2. The custom mode, is a fully customizable ad unit. This mode allows you to compose your own view to perfectly match the design of your app. This custom mode has to be validated by our review team. Custom mode.
  3. The Udon Noodle control (Pull-To-Refresh control). Udon Noodle.

Sashimi template
Sashimi custom
Udon Noodle

Open source carousel

We developed a carousel that helps you to present several sashimi ads with (almost) no effort. You can find more information about this (open source) class at the github page or in the sashimi example project.

Ad Unit Review Process

At Appsfire, we care a lot about User Experience.
This is why we implemented a review process for custom ad formats: we review all custom implementations of Sashimi to ensure they are reliable, perform as expected, and are free of offensive material. As you plan and develop your custom ad unit, make sure to use these guidelines and resources.
Our servers won't send you any ads before we validate your custom design. Use the debug mode to test your custom design during development.

If you want to customise the Sashimi, our Ad Unit Review Process is the following:

  1. Contact us to express your intentions to customize the Sashimi.
  2. Send our review team materials that can help us validate your design (PSD mock-ups, screenshots, video, etc.).
    This should be done before submitting your application to the App Store.
  3. Wait for our validation, which will enable ads for your application.

We will strive to validate your design in less than one business day.
If you have not heard from us after one business day, please contact your account manager for any question and approval.
Business-related inquiries should be directed to either Martin.