One more framework

Please add the Security framework into your project.

64 bits support

Appsfire iOS SDK now supports the 64 bits architectures. Therefore, the minimum iOS version is now 5.1.1.

Specify which features you are using

To help us improve the experience of your users, we advise you to specify to the sdk which features you are using. By default 'Engage' and 'Monetization' features are both enabled (mainly for backward compatibility). However if you are only using the Monetization part, we hightly recommend you to specify it.

For this purpose, we added a new ENUM called AFSDKFeature.
Example if you only use the Monetization part:

[AppsfireSDK setFeatures:AFSDKFeatureMonetization];

It's more effective if you set this property before any other call to our library.
If you have a doubt about the use of this property, do not hesitate to contact us!

Sashimi methods

Sashimi is the brand new ad format of the 2.2 release. We accordingly added new methods for this format.

  • New methods for AppsfireAdSDK:

    • Get number of available ads for a format +numberOfSashimiAdsAvailableForFormat:
    • Get number of available ads for a subclass +numberOfSashimiAdsAvailableForSubclass:
    • Get an ad for a format +sashimiViewForFormat:withController:andError:
    • Get an ad for a subclass +sashimiViewForSubclass:withController:andError:

  • New method for the protocol AppsfireAdSDKDelegate:

    • Be alerted when sashimi ads were received -sashimiAdsWereReceived

Uramaki methods

We updated the method that let you know if a modal ad is available. You can now make the distinction between 3 states thanks to the AFAdSDKAdAvailability ENUM:

  • AFAdSDKAdAvailabilityPending: anwser can't be given right now
  • AFAdSDKAdAvailabilityYes: an ad is available right now
  • AFAdSDKAdAvailabilityNo: no ad is available right now

In 2.1 you were using the following method:

if ([AppsfireAdSDK isThereAModalAdAvailable:AFAdSDKModalTypeUraMaki]) {
    // display an ad

In 2.2 you should use it the following way:

if ([AppsfireAdSDK isThereAModalAdAvailableForType:AFAdSDKModalTypeUraMaki] == AFAdSDKAdAvailabilityYes) {
    // display an ad

And of course you could add a switch to handle the three cases differently.