Monetization is now the default feature

If you are only using the "Monetization" feature, then you don't have to worry.

However if you use the "Engagement" feature (which basically is the Notification Wall), then you should update your code when upgrading to this version!

Case 1: You only use the "Monetization" feature (default)

[AppsfireSDK setFeatures:AFSDKFeatureMonetization];

Case 2: You only use the "Engagement" feature

[AppsfireSDK setFeatures:AFSDKFeatureEngage];

Case 3: You use both the "Monetization" and "Engagement" features

[AppsfireSDK setFeatures:AFSDKFeatureMonetization | AFSDKFeatureEngage];

Modal Ad method

We added a method which allows you to force the dismissal of the modal ad: +forceDismissalOfModalAd. You really shouldn't have to use it, unless you are in a critical state. Note that any modal ad is dismissed when app goes into background.

Minimum size of custom sashimi

We changed the minimum size of custom sashimi from 75x75 to 30x30.