Removal of our mediation solution

We decided to remove the mediation feature from our sdk. In case you were using it, please contact us.

Removed armv7s architecture

As you may know, Xcode 6 deprecated armv7s as a default architecture. We kept it for some versions, but we recently decided to remove it from our library in order to move on!

Changes in sashimi methods

We moved (thanks to a suggestion) how to specify the UIViewController which is used to host the StoreKit view controller. Instead of indicating it in the sashimi instance, you now should return it through the delegate AFAdSDKSashimiViewDelegate.

  • Methods that were updated for AppsfireAdSDK:

    • sashimiViewForFormat:withController:andError: was updated into sashimiViewForFormat:andError:.
    • sashimiViewForSubclass:withController:andError: was updated into sashimiViewForSubclass:andError:.
    • sashimiViewForNibName:withController:andError: was updated into sashimiViewForNibName:andError:.


  • New method for AFAdSDKSashimiViewDelegate:

    • You can now return the UIViewController used to host the StoreKit view controller. Check viewControllerForSashimiView: