Native Ads

We implemented a way for you to get the metadata of an ad without all the views stuff. Please refer to the documentation in order to understand the basics!
If you use MoPub, we're happy to announce that we created the associated custom event! Take a look at the official github page to learn more.

More methods and notifications for sashimi

We added some "accessors" for a better integration with the other networks.

  • As for the modal ads, you can now get the status of ads with the method isThereSashimiAdAvailableForSubclass:, and thus differenciate the status "pending" from the status "no ads".

  • We added a notification for each event that you can find in the protocol AppsfireAdSDKDelegate. Thus you can now be alerted when sashimi ads are available by observing the key kAFSDKSashimiAdsRefreshedAndAvailable. Please check the file AppsfireSDKConstants for the full list.